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For Animals Inc. Ukraine Project 2017

This spring For Animals Inc. and I have been working on Ukraine Project, trying to help as many animals we can in this European country. During my stay there I was visiting local shelters and working with local rescuers, buying meds and supplies for homeless cats and dogs, doing TNR. I’d like to tell you about some of the amazing animals I met there – some stories are happy, some are sad, but doing the right thing is always right, no matter the result.

First goes Jasmine, a precious young kitty who was found laying in grass in a middle of the park, with paralyzed hind legs =( She was skin and bones, dehydrated and very weak, barely alive. Jasmine was obviously someone’s kitty before – she turned out to be a friendly white Scottish Fold. The vet said her trauma is old, either from a fall or a hit. Specialist confirmed that her pelvis is broken and spine is damaged, and she had a lot of pus inside. She couldn’t control her bladder so couldn’t use bathroom on her own. Chances for any improvement were minimal and vets recommended putting her to sleep… =( But we were not ready to give up, so wasn’t she! Jasmine is a real fighter! Her tail had to be amputated, but otherwise she is improving day by day! First she started using the box all by herself, then she started walking by using her 3rd leg, and last week she started trying walking on all four!! This is a pure miracle!! I wanted to bring her back in US but Jasmine’s vet said she was not ready for such long transportations yet. We have to wait. This little fighter has done so much to get better! We stay in touch with her caretaker and once she’s completely recovered we’ll be looking for a very good home for this little lady! ❤ I want to sincerely thank Snezhana from Kiev for helping Jasmine and so many other animals!

★  Then there were 3 paralyzed dogs – Gera, Alice and Wollie. Gera and Alice came from the same shelter in Kiev – they just fell on their hind legs one day and couldn’t move them. After tons of exams and treatment, Gera left this world =( Alice is still fighting, but there are basically zero chances she could walk on her hind legs. Her caretaker in Kiev is now looking for a wheel-chair options and a foster home for Alice.

★  Then there is Wollie. Wollie was a special dog… He was shot by some crazy man from the balcony and the bullets got into his spine and legs. He was urgently transported to another city with a good neurologist, they did surgeries and removed the bullets, but his hind legs were still paralyzed =( Wollie was improving for a few weeks until the vets announced that he most probably has kidney disease. At that time he had no appetite and was barely eating… On June 22nd his caretaker in Krivoy Rog wrote us that Wollie crossed the rainbow =( We want to thank Yana, Wollie’s caretaker, and other supporters who were fighting for this baby…

Our hearts hurt for all the suffering animals everywhere in the world =( ❤

★  Some of the other things that were accomplished in Ukraine during these last 3 months:

1. Five lucky kitties were successfully spayed and returned to their caretakers.

 2. I worked with a rescuer in Kiev - Karolina - who single-handedly cares for about 20 animals. We got her meds and food for sick cats, kittens and dogs.

3. We contributed in eye surgeries for 2 cats from a shelter in Kiev.

4. We found out about a wonderful farm sanctuary/ shelter in Lviv – named Ugolyok - that rescues horses and cows from slaughterhouses, as well as homeless cats and dogs from streets. I talked with their founder – Alexandra, who is really nice and 100% devoted to animals. She and her family are vegans. Right now they are in a process of moving to a bigger farm since they don’t have enough space for all their rescued animals in the place they’ve been staying in all these years. For Animals are going to continue to support them. They do so much work, and they need any help they can get! Please donate if you can, even $5 in Ukraine can do really big things!! ❤

5. I visited and brought meds for 2 shelters in Kiev – Happy Paw and SOS.

6. We bought food for a few cat colonies in Mariupol. These supplies should last for a few months.

All this was possible thank to For Animals Inc. and their wonderful supporters! They are truly amazing people with beautiful hearts! Thank you so much! ❤

We’re going to continue working tirelessly to improve lives of animals all over the world.

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