What we’ve accomplished in 2013!

2013 is a year when we started B.F.F. Animals: Activity Journal.


1 ★ We donated some money to two Ukrainian shelters - Happy Paw (Kiev) and Sirius (Kiev).


2 ★ This is how we spent Christmas day!

After all the markets we emptied our magic pot of gold and went to our very special and dear friends - kitties at For Animals shelter. With some treats and toys, of course! What a wonderful way to spend a Christmas Day!

These were the very first catnip toys I made! 😹 They look pretty ugly, but they were made with much love!

I love you all, my little wonderfulies! My Christmas wish is for you all to find a great loving home, exactly the one each one of you dream about! Love you! 🧡


3 ★ We participated in a Charity Fair with our handmade shop - Extraordinary Workshop of Oddities. The fair was held in Donetsk, Ukraine, and was dedicated to raise awareness about homeless animals.

20% of profits went to a dog shelter called PIF.


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