What we’ve accomplished in 2014!


★ We donated our toys Chuck and Sebastian for charity auction, to help raise funds for little Timmy’s surgery.

★  We started making charity bracelets, all profits go to For Animals Inc. and to Ukrainian homeless dogs and cats.


★ We donated money to a mini shelter in Mariupol, Ukraine, operated by an old sweet woman who was rescuing cats from the street during cold winter. She has about 17 cats in her apartment, some of them needed medical care and all had to be fixed. Huge thanks to girls who are helping the old woman right now. There are kind-hearted people in this world after all!


★ This sweet blind puppy was found in Mariupol, Ukraine. People who were fostering her called her Slepushka (Little Blind Girl). It's a pure miracle because a shelter that helps animals with disabilities get adopted found people in Czech Republic who wanted to adopt Slepushka! They only needed to transport her there, so we helped to cover the cost of transportation of Slepushka. Good luck to you little girl, we send you all our love! You can read the story of Slepushka here (in Russian)

May + June + July

★  Ukrainian mission. We were helping to save sweet half blind sick kittens  - we took them to the vet and provided their caretaker with food and meds. We also helped a puppy who was left behind by a family that was running from fighting and shooting in the city.

 Half blind kittens are cuddling up on a way to the vet

Sweet Puppy who was left behind by her family. She was adopted, hurray!!

★  Food for cats and dogs were donated to city of Slavyansk, where animals were left behind by their families, as they were running away because of the Ukrainian war. A lot of food and medications were given to volunteers who help stray cats and dogs in the city of Mariupol. Our friends, For Animals shelter in Queens, NY, helped a lot by giving us some meds that were in great use in Ukraine.

★  We also did our best to save a little bird who was hit by a car. We called him King Julian, because he was so beautiful. For a pity, he didn’t survive, but the memory of him will live in our hearts. All cats, dogs and birds whom we met on our trip were fed and received love and our best vibrations °‿° Thank you everyone who’s helping animals in Ukraine, and all over the world!

King Julian Fly and be free forever now.


★  I started volunteering with Ana’s Angels Animal Rescue in Jacksonville, FL.

★  12 charity bracelets were donated and mailed to fundraiser stoop sale organized for For Animals Inc. shelter in Queens, NY. I hope we can raise some good money for kitties!


★  We have unbelievably GREAT news! Our native city, Mariupol, will finally open a shelter for homeless animals! ^_^ I was waiting for this my whole life! For a pity, I’m not there now, but I’ll be helping in every way that I can. For now, we sent our first donation to help building and organizing shelter infrastructure.

★  Also, we supported another animal shelter in Ukraine. We've helped them before, and now they’re in big need of support, both financial and emotional. Lots of animals are left without home because of this senseless war, people are leaving the area and don't always take their furry family with them. In the troubled city of Donetsk, even basic necessities are hard to come by. The Pif shelter staff and volunteers struggle to make sure each dog gets the food and care they need to survive.

An old but sweet dog Bobys who were saved from destroyed shelter in Jasinovata and brought to Donetsk Pif shelter. He suffers from a sarcoptic mange and needs a treatment. He’s doing better now.


★  Great news! For some time we were feeding a kitty we called Simon, he's been living in our neighborhood and was very friendly. While I was trying to take good photos of him and find a rescue who can accept him, he was adopted by a couple who lives around. This is just incredible news, we’re SO happy! ^_^

★  We donated to The Whiskers’ Syndicate to help save Chiko’s life. You can read the full story here

Chiko after the surgery

 ★  We participated in Auction for Charity, dedicated to The Whiskers’ Syndicate. We donated 2 toys (50% goes to TWS) and 3 catnip cat toys (100% goes to TWS). The Whiskers’ Syndicate is a cat rescue in a country without animal welfare laws. It is ran by just one determined woman with a big heart. We’re happy to support them, and you can do the same ❤

★  We just expanded variety of our charity items! Now we have charity cat collages with instant download, bracelets and cat toys (yup, finally!).

ALL profits go to For Animals Inc., a cat shelter based in Queens, NY, and to Ukrainian homeless cats and dogs. Thank you for helping us help animals!


★  We happily made 5 catnip toys for our dear furriends at For Animals shelter. If you live in NYC and looking for a cat companion, please consider adopting one of their kitties!

Kitties in For Animals Inc. shelter  If you look closely there is Griffin in the corner playing with our fish cat toy 

★ We donated to a few animal rescues in Eastern Ukraine who are trying to save animals injured by war. Amongst them: PIF shelter in Donetsk and 3 mini cat shelters in Donetsk.

★  We bought more food for homeless cats and dogs on the streets in Mariupol.


Thank you for reading and let all animals be safe and happy! ❤

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