What we’ve accomplished in 2016!

January, February, March


★  We donated to these fundraisers:

Ana’s Angels Animal Rescue (Jacksonville, FL) - Lucky’s surgery;

Animal Aid Unlimited - a donkey sanctuary in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India;

For Animals Inc. (Queens, NY) - Malcolm’s dental fundraiser;


We donated:

5 of our catnip cat toys to sweet kitties rescued by Ana’s Angles Animal Rescue;

Goods to First Coast No More Homeless Pets’ thrift store (Jacksonville, FL);

20 catnip toys to Project PetSnip’s fundraising event.

Sweet kitties rescued by Ana’s Angels with our catnip toys °‿°

Project PetSnip educational and fundraising event

★  Me, Solstice and Piggy Poe joined One Protest – An Advocacy Organization in series of circus protests in Jacksonville, FL (protesting ringling bros. and universoul) and walked the Global March for Rhinos and Elephants. We were leafleting on Jax Beach art walk trying to raise awareness about a terrible bear hunt that happened last year.


Me on Global March for Rhinos and Elephants + leafletting on Jax Beach Art Walk

Protesting ugly circuses!


★  We designed and printed 400 leaflets about ‘How to make the world and yourself better’ and handed them out to people in Mandarin area.

Leaflets created by me and Solstice

★  Me and Tiny Plush Chuck picked up ugly trash and collected total of 3 bags (mainly recycles).

Trash that I and Tiny Plush Chuck picked up from the pond


Summer Report (April, May, June, July, August)

We’ve been quite busy these couple of months, so we apologize for not updating  on time. Now we’ll be doing quarter reports, once every season.

Sooo here’s the report for April, May, June, July, August (aka Summer Report):

★  Me, Solstice and Tiny Plush Chuck attended the Earth Day in Orlando, FL, where we ended up leafleting for their friends – One Protest Advocacy Organization of Jacksonville, FL °‿°


“No Bear Hunt” signs from One Protest Advocacy Organization

★  Piggy Poe, me and Solstice visited a beautiful and sustainable SunShine Ranch in Osteen, FL and made friends with pigs, goats and baby goats, chickens, horses and other residents of this wonderful place. We brought them some fruits and veggies so maybe that was the reason they liked us so much =D Anyway, if you ever find yourself in Osteen/ Orlando area, make sure to visit this organic, kind and eco-conscious paradise at 415 S State Road 415, Osteen, FL.  They also hold various awareness events dedicated to cleaner planet, brighter mind and more compassionate way of living. What’s not to love? =)

Sweet babies at SunShine Ranch!

★  We found it fun (and useful!) to leave VEGAN messages in stores wherever we go. Very good practice: raising awareness and adding points to “Should I become vegan?” question bucket, hoping people will pay attention and will take it as a sign from above =D

Our VEGAN messages around Orlando’s stores ;)

★  We participated in Art For Animals - Animals Are Beautiful flashmob organized by Collectively Free.

Our representatives:

#1 – Proud Vegan Piggy Poe - this piglet is all Vegans’ lucky charm and she spreads Veganism all over the world!

#2 – Timmy Baby Ear – a cruelty-free bunny who wants freedom for all of his big-eared brothers and sisters.

#3 – Tiny Plush Chuck – a cute little bear who’s cleaning rivers, feeding ducks and overall a very green eco-conscious pal.

Be the difference you want to see in the world!!

Timmy Baby Ear photo

★  We bought food and cat litter to our ‘mini shelter’ + food to homeless dogs and cats in Ukraine; we also did 3 spay/neuter surgeries (TNR).

★  We created a limited edition version of Tiny Plush Chuck to raise awareness about cruelty of bear hunting and to speak up for our beloved bears. Limited version consists of two bears – happy one and angry one - representing the happiness that comes with freedom and anger that comes when you’re trying to protect yourself and your species from human invasion and mistreatment. We’re happy to say that all bears in FL will most probably be happy bears this year, because FWC voted against the hunt in 2016. ^____^

Limited edition version of Tiny Plush Chuck: Angry Bear and Happy Bear. As you know, Happy Bears won - there’s no bear hunt this year in FL!!! °‿°

★  We also attended a No Bear Hunt protest in Orlando - it was a part of the largest state protest in history (28 cities were protesting against bear hunting on the same day!). We received a lot of honks of support and thumbs up (which gives me hope for a better future).

Me and Solstice at “No Bear Hunt” protest in Orlando

★  Our new cat shop, Want More Meows, donated 10 catnip toys to Born Free USA online auction. Please visit their website and learn how you can help the animals.

★  I finally visited my dear friends at For Animals Inc. cat shelter. I brought them about 25 toys of various shapes and designs. It was one of the best days of this year! I was helping Theresa care for tiny sick kittens, socializing and playing with cats, taking photos and videos of kitties so later I can promote them and help them find a loving home they deserve. It was a great great time!  ❤

SOME of the toys for For Animals shelter kitties!

Our friends at For Animals - Sara, Marcus, Jerry, Griffin

★  We also went to Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge in Orlando, FL. We didn’t spend much time there since it was raining, but we had a pleasure to meet some wonderful animals! ❤ °‿°

Taylor the red fox at Back To Nature Wildlife Refuge  


Autumn Report (September, October, November, December)

★  We got food and supplies for our "mini-shelter' - 9 rescued cats and 1 dog, and for animals who live on the street. We actually try to give advantage to animals on the streets because they’re the ones who need food more. (Hope our whiskers forgive us).

Dry/ wet cat food and cat litter for our mini shelter and cat colonies

★  We donated 21 cat toys from Want More Meows and Peta leaflets to a For Animals event in NYC – Caturday in the Slope


★  Want More Meows participated in Ernie’s Walk – a walk for homeless cats and dogs - organized by T.E.A.R.S. of Seminole County, a local rescue who’s working with SCAS (Seminole County Animal Services). We also donated some of our toys for the rescued kitties.

Want More Meows at Ernie’s Walk to benefit homeless cats and dogs

★  I started volunteering with rescued cats from T.E.A.R.S. – now we visit kitties every Wednesday at Petco Altamonte and give them love, food/ water and clean their poo poos. We also try to work with the shy kitties to help them be more comfortable and happy.

Rescued babies are resting peacefully in their cat condos at Petco and waiting for theor forever homes!

We donated 5 cat toys  to C.L.A.W.S. Inc. in Gainesboro, TN - a no-kill, cage free, lifetime sanctuary for unwanted, abused and senior cats. It is owned by a wonderful person Wendy (and her mom!). Please help them if you can, they run on donations only!



★  We participated in Eco-Action River Clean-up here in Maitland (Orlando area, FL), Lake Sybelia. It’s organized by an amazing organization – Eco Action, they do these river clean-up almost every Sunday!!! Please show your support and join them if you live in Orlando area. If you live in a different state or part of the world, let these people inspire you to start eco clean-ups where you live!


★  We supported sweet Barbosa’s fundraiser


★  Right after hurricane Matthew, we joined other activists in an attempt to rescue a tiny kitten who fell in a storm drain. We had to put 2 traps down in the tunnels and had shifts to check if the kitten got in. We had no luck for three days… we called the city, the fire department… On a 3rd day two awesome people decided to go down and walk the tunnels to see if the kitten is there and if he’s injured. We didn’t find him. It was hearbreaking… Until one sunny day about 2 weeks later, on a Veg Fest event, some lady came to a CARE Feline’s booth (where one of the board members is the guy who was looking for a kitten with us), and told him that she found a kitten (!) in a storm drain (!!) on the same street we were looking for him (!!!!!!!!!). Can you even realize how we felt when we heard this? Oh Gosh, it was a pure miracle!! So the reason we couldn’t find him is because he went much further than we thought he could, and in a different direction. Now he’s safe and sound, and this nightmare turned out to have a very happily ever after! ^_^ The morale of this story – NEVER give up!!!

This baby!! Soooo many sleepless nights because of you! So happy you’re safe!

★  After the same hurricane, in between our shifts and search parties with the storm drain kitten, we went to our friends at SunShine Ranch to help them repair some of the damage the hurricane caused. We mainly cleaned up debris and helped put back their green houses together. We also spent some great time with their beautiful animals ❤ SunShine Ranch is a vegetarian farm where they love their animals and keep them as a part of their family!

Beautiful animals at SunShine Ranch

We did some garbage cleaning at lake Killarney and Baldwin park. We went to Baldwin Park to check on wildlife after the hurricane, and saw tons of garbage lying around. I thought: “Damn, I don’ t have bags!!!” And you know what happened?? I FOUND BAGS ON THE GROUND! As many as I needed to pick up all this trash (most of it was recycles, btw!!!). I mean, how cool is that? When you’re doing something good, the Universe is helping you. Needless to say, there was a blue bin for recycles in the park. I feel blessed. As always, please don’t litter! All these stuff would stay in the park for HUNDREDS years, when it can easily be recycled into new great things. Do your magic: don’t litter + reduce - reuse - recycle! And pick up garbage when you see it, especially plastic and glass.


“Rescued” garbage!

★  We donated cat toys to a Feisty Acres, Inc. - a no-kill feline rescue located in Williston, FL


★  We helped a cat in our apartment complex to find a home! Here’s how it happened: We saw a message on our community board that a friendly cat was spotted in the neighborhood. We reached out to the person who posted it, and offered our help. After messaging back and forth it turned out that the person might be able to take in and keep this kitty, but only next week since she didn’t have any cat supplies (food, litter box, litter). The cat also had fleas, and she had a dog who’s allergic to them. Well we had a flea spot-on treatment, food and one extra litter box with extra litter, so of course we said we’ll gladly help if she can take the cat today. We didn’t want anything to happen with the baby til next week. So it was decided that the girl takes him in the same day but will keep him on a balcony for a few days to let the flea thing do the work. A week after the girl took him to the vet to be fixed and fully vaccinated °‿°


★  We supported a fundraiser for sweet Syble’s treatment. She is a real fighter!   The baby is now looking for a home! Please email  mesinha@gmail.com if you’re looking to adopt a kitty.


★  We bought a Feliway spray for kitties at T.E.A.R.S. adoption center at Petco to help them feel more comfortable while they’re waiting for their purrfect families.

Feliway for stress-free felines!

★  As always, we were doing our on-going volunteering at For Animals, Inc. – editing photos, making videos, keeping social media active and informative, making fundraisers and doing everything we can to help the kitties find their human soulmates.

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