What we've accomplished in 2018!

Winter Report (December, January, February)

Winter was full of events and wonderful animals!

★ We sent moneys for Maguire’s rescue and surgery because his eye needed to be removed :(

★ We donated some money + 4 cans of food + a toy to our wonderful Leslie Knope (the kitty from Dandelion Communitea). She’s been treated at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando and after getting a dental surgery and a clean bill of health, she went straight to her furrever home! ❤

★ We donated 2 toys for MEOW cat rescue in Kirkland, WA ❤ A photo below shows Queen Frostine making friends with our Meowster Cloud toy 😻☁ We’ve been told she’s been adopted before Christmas, woohoo!

★ We sent some moneys to Galileo the kitty with mange from Orange County Animal Services, he was rescued by our friends at Ana’s Angels and was successfully treated ❤

★ We bought a bag of dry cat food to feed the kitties who we encounter on our trips and adventures!

★ Right before Xmas, we sent some gifts to a berry berry special boy whom we know for a berry long time - Frankie ❤  He’s a very old kitty who spend most of his life at the shelter, and then was happily adopted by For Animals’ long-term volunteer Celi!

★ We bought a 28lb of World Best Cat litter for our friend’s Christie Wish List, she does a lot of rescue in NYC ❤ Feel free to help her out and donate some of the stuff for her rescue kitties!

★ We donated some money to our sweet boy Sylvester – he’s a kitten from Nepal with paralyzed legs. His fundraiser is here, in case you want to donate some money and help out this wonderful boy! ❤ 

★ We send moneys to our friends at Coming Home Animal Sanctuary

★ As always, we sent some funds to Ukraine, so our mom was able to get the following:

For our mini-shelter (aka The Fluffy Crew):

Cat dry food Josera for spayed/ neutered cats -  10kg

Cat dry food for sensitive stomach “4 лапы” – 19.5kg

Dog dry food Josera miniwell - 1,5kg

Cat litter SaniPet 60 kg

Wet food – 31 jars

Sausage - 30

Dog treats – 4 kg

Dog toy – 1

Dog dry food Brit – 5 kg

Fish – 2.5kg

Bonifaccio, one of our rescued  kitties =^..^=

Pushinka, one of our rescued kitties =^..^=

For neighborhood cats:

Friskies pouches – 20

Dry food – 2kg

Canned cat food “Meow” – 36 large cans

Grains – 6kg

For the winter time, the kitties were taken indoors by a man who helps feeding them. (What a kind gentleman!)

★ We sent some funds for Asher the blind black kitty for her surgery to remove two eyes. She already had an adopter but she needed to get her surgery done before going to a new home! Of course, we stepped in to help this little precious!

★ We sent moneys to Beastly ❤ This poor kitty was attacked and mauled by a wandering neighborhood dog! He had a broken leg, mauled neck and was bleeding from the mouth :(

★ We printed 5 anti-declawing leaflets for T.E.A.R.S. of Semonole County’s adoption center in Petco.

★ We donated some of our unused cat products to two lovely kitties. One kitty with severe flea infestation got 3 Advantage anti-flea pipettes and a bag of dry food, and another kitty (who apparently likes to pee in random places) got 3 bottles of various urine removers. ❤

Gifts for Kitty #1 :)

Gifts for Kitty #2 :)

★ We donated a bunch of our stuff to Cats in Knead yard sale!

★ We cleaned a shore on Haulover Canal in FL from fishing lines 😬😠😲 I had to go ask people for a knife to be able to take these out of water, they were stuck over branches and roots. Makes me angry, and sad. We have to stop this, people!!

★ We picked up trash in Mosquito Lagoon on my birthday 😬😒😾 We saw so much garbage out there, and mainly the stuff that can be recycled! Such a waste! We picked up all we could fit in a bag we had. And this is right on the shore! We need to take care of our Planet Earth and all the sweet creatures we share it with! 🌏🐟🐌🐾🐦🐢🐸 If you have a cup or a bottle of whatever liquid, or a wrap from food you just finished and there’s no trash bins around or they’re full, just take it home with you and recycle it there! Don’t just throw it away! Please educate people, too!

★ As always, I’ve been volunteering at T.E.A.R.S. of Semonole County’s adoption center in Petco every Wednesday, caring for and spending time with rescued furbabies ❤


Spring Report (March, April, May)

The major thing that has happened is that we moved to NYC! Woohoo!

So now we literally live next door to our furriends at For Animals cat shelter!

I’ve been volunteering here since 2012, and even while living in Florida I was able to do remote volunteering (yaaasss this is how much I love my shelter ❤). I always say For Animals is my family and my second home, and it’s totally true! I’m happy to be here and to be able help out even more! Because when you follow your purpose, life has meaning.

★ So, as I mentioned, I did a loooooot of volunteering stuff: feeding cats, kissing cats, hugging cats, playing with cats, kissing cats again, cleaning their boxes, brushing them, telling them how wonderful they are, helping with TNR, socializing, kissing cats again, and so on and so far. It’s been a very eventful 3 months and honestly it feels like it’s been a year or something, ha! But nope, it’s been only 3 months. Here are the highlights of our For Animals work:

1.    Kissing, hugging, socializing, cleaning – checked ✔

▲ Amber is taking a nap after being rescued from a Highway

▲ Naptime! Gloria, Bella and their shy friend

▲ Remington being extra charming and posing for the camera!

▲ Toby is making sure to get enough nutrients after being rescued!

▲ Lovebugs! Gloria and Creamsicle

 ▲ Feeding time!                                       

2.    Making a kitty snowman – checked ✔

3.    Helping with TNR (trap-neuter-return) program– checked ✔

▲ Leo is making sure all kitties are fine!


4.    Rescuing cats – checked ✔

▲ Pizzazz was left behind by the church… We picked him up and now he’s looking for a new home through For Animals Inc.!   

5.    Feeding neighborhood cats down the block – checked ✔

6.    Photoshoots with kitties, updating data base and social media – checked ✔

Beautiful Luna girl!

  ▲ Handsome Leo boy!                                                 

7.    Being a cat midwife – checked ✔

Sweet Melody with her newborn kittens!

8.    Taking cats to the vet – checked ✔

▲ Honey is on his way back from the ear surgery!

9. Meeting rescued doggies from Nepal and Egypt and getting them into new homes – checked ✔

▲ Benji and Casey from Nepal!

▲ Me flirting with Benji =D

We donated:

  • Smart Bites Treats for Van the kitty ❤
  • Calming collar to Morris the orange handsome boy ❤
  • Lysine Treats for Jonnie Linden + 1,5 case of food  ❤ ▼
  • Food for Pizzazz and other kitties who are picky with food and have poor appetite ❤ ▼

▲ ▼ Remington with food!

  • Pillow and a toy from Want More Meows for Panda the Egyptian CH-cat who flew all the way from Egypt to get adopted by two awesome people who take care of special needs cats ❤ ▼
  • Catnip toys for the shelter kitties ❤ ▼

▲ Griffin can’t believe his luck! “Two toys? For ME???” ^___^

▲ Jewel is doing some stretching aka catnip toy yoga =D

▲ Van Gogh with our pyramid toy!

★ This spring was also very special because we adopted a little Jedi!  ^_^ On May the 4th we officially decided to keep Jonnie Linden, whom we were fostering for a few weeks.  He became Jonnie *Jedi* Linden on his adoption day, because he’s a warrior who’s been through a lot in his life. His fur fell out because of a skin allergy so he might not look very pretty, but he has the kindest eyes in the whole Galaxy. We call him Jedi because he’s very special and we hope that the Force will help him get better. Besides, he’s a kind warrior, therefore, a Jedi. He’s been through a lot in his life and has a few health issues but he’s an absolute love and wants to be happy. And May the Fourth couldn’t be a better day to welcome him in our family Welcome to da club, Jonnie! May the Fourth be with you! ❤ ❤ ❤ ▼

▲ Our beautiful sweet Jedi boy ❤ 

★ As always, we sent money to Ukraine, for our Fluffy Crew  and to kitties in our neighborhood. Our mom was able to get the following:

For our Fluffy Crew and homeless cats that my mom encounters in the city:

·      2 cat scratchers

·      2 cat caves

·      Dry food “4 Paws” for sensitive stomach – 38kg

·      Dry food “Josera” for spayed/ neutered felines – 16kg

·      Cat litter – 28kg

·      Cat food “Kitekat” – 45 pouches

·      Wet cat food – 9 large jars

·      Sausage – 3

·      Wet catfood “Whiskas” for feeding homeless cats - 90 pouches

·      Cat/ dog bed

·      Fish – 2,5kg

For neighborhood cats:

·      Canned cat food “Kat and go” - 9 cans

·      Wet cat food “Kat and go” - 7 pouches

·      Wet cat food “Friskies” - 9 pouches

·      Dry food - 3kg

·      Grains - 6kg

★ The most epic thing we did this spring was fostering Sylvester the black kitty!! If you don’t know him, you’re missing out! He’s the cute black baby with paralyzed hind legs who were rescued from the streets of Nepal and flew all the way to US for a chance to live and walk again. Follow this Little Prince Charming on his Instagram page → Sylvester_theblackkitty ❤ He’ll steal your heart (because that’s what he does to everrryone =D) ▼

▲ Sylvester took over Jacqueline’s toys… She obviously doesn’t like it!! 

▲ Sylvester is trying to make friends with Fifi =D

★ We started making cat toys for For Animals Inc. adopters! So now every time a kitty gets adopted, he/ she goes home with a toy from Want More Meows! ^_^ This is just a little thanks you from us to all the wonderful people who choose to adopt! ❤ ▼

★ We donated money to sweet Gizmo, an FIV+ kitty with one lung ❤ He had such a hard time but he recovered after the surgery and is now looking for a home of his own! Follow his journey on his Instagram page  → Gizmoonelung ❤ ▼


 Summer Report (June, July, August)

Our summer 2018 was mainly spent at For Animals cat shelter. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun, too! ❤

▲ Dinner time!

▲ Me and Shadow ❤

▲ Me and Leo ❤

Volunteering at adoption events with this cuteness overload! ❤ He is in love with our Cloud toy!

★ I visited a few Cat Cafes that are helping rescued kitties get their second chance.

✔  First stop - Kotissimo Cat Cafe in Moscow, Russia!

▲ Making friends with kitties at Kotissimo Cat Cafe in Moscow!

▲ Kotissimo Cat Cafe in Moscow!

✔  Second stop - Cat Cafe Котики и Люди in Moscow, Russia!

▲ ▼ Kotoсafe in Moscow, Russia - Котики и люди

✔ Third stop - Cat Cafe Cats Republic in St. Petersburg, Russia!

▲ ▼ Cats Republic in St. Peterstburg, Russia

▲ ▼ Cats Republic in St. Peterstburg, Russia

★ We donated 34 toys to For Animals, Inc.: 10 cat toys went to adopters, 14 cat toys went to donors, and 10 toys went for kitties at the shelter!

▲  Jaden with our triangle crinkle toy!

▲ Creamsicle!

▲ ▼ Luna girl!

★ We made a collar for Janet Jackson – a kitty at For Animals Adoption Center at NYC Pet ❤ We wanted her to look extra cute, and were hoping the collar will help Janet’s purrfect family spot her amongst other kitties! It worked!! ^_^

★ Solstice and I transported Amber the kitty to Adoption Center so she can find her furever home!

★ We donated $20 to a rescue mission to help kitties from Nepal and Bahamas. You can read a full story on their fundraiser page.

★ We volunteered at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary with our fellow vegan friends! It’s a wonderful feeling to join a great cause and to spend time with these beautiful animals! Visit Woodstock page to learn more about the wonderful work they’re doing and to see how you can help! ❤

★ As always, we sent $300 to Ukraine.

We were able to get these supplies for the Fluffy Crew:

Dry food 4 Paws for sensitive stomach - 27kg

Dry food Josera for spayed/ neutered felines – 10kg

Wet food Whiskas – 36 pouches

Wet food Felix -  75 pouches

Wet food Chudo bludo - 18 jars

Cat litter - 81kg

Fish – 6kg

Dog toys – 2

Sausages – 35 packs

Supplies for neighborhood cats:

Dry food - 5kg

Cat and Go - 6 big cans

Wet food Friskies – 25 pouches

Grains - 6kg

Wet food Felix – 146 pouches

★ Me and my sister picked up some garbage from the Gulf of Finland. We pick up garbage pretty much everywhere we go and normally we don’t take photos of it =D Sometimes we do, to raise awareness and to make people think twice before they throw out a bottle or a can, especially in nature. Just wait for the trash bin, Gee!!

★ I started helping at a feral cat shelter in Queens. NY. Working with feral kitties might be challenging, but there’s always something to learn!

▲ One of my new feral friends! ^_^


 Autumn Report (September, October, November)

Autumn 2018 was quite eventful!

★ We participated in Animal Rights March in NYC – it was amazing to see how many people care for the animals!

★ We donated 4 custom-sized padded blankets to For Animals adoption center in Brooklyn, NY. Seems like kitties loved them!

★ We transported a whole bunch of kittens to adoption center: Hercules, Melani, Luna, Olive and Ginny! Being on a ride with kittens is always lots of fun!

★ We donated some “Cats in the Kitchen” pouches for our sweet furriend Shadow, because he wasn’t eating well and he seemed to really like these pouches!

★ We donated $25 to a fellow rescuer’s fundraiser.

★ We donated $50 to Rocky the dog from Ugolyok Sanctuary. You can read more about her here.

★ We did a lot of Trap – Neuter – Return (TNR) this autumn! We lost count how many kitties we were able to get. There was this cat, Anita, who was brought to shelter by one of the volunteers. All was good, until I noticed that she is nursing! We didn’t know what to do. I took her in a carrier and went to a place where she was taken. I let her out hoping she’ll lead me to kittens. The rule is that if you find a nursing mom but can’t find her kittens, then the mom needs to be released because otherwise babaies won’t survive. I was praying that she’ll lead me to kittens, but nope. She was just walking around me rubbing against my legs. I had to leave her there. I had to, but I just couldn’t. My gut was screaming at me – DO NOT LEAVE HER HERE! I was lost, totally lost. I called a fellow rescuer, Martha, she was nearby. She came as soon as she could, I told her the story, and suddenly we noticed that Anita (the mama cat) started walking to a basement by a corner deli. We went inside, asked workers, and they said yes they know Anita and her kittens are in the basement!!! YAASSSS!! We tried to trap them but they were too smart. We decided to come back the next day with better equipment. They were pretty grown up and eating on their own, so it was ok to take Anita with us back to the shelter. Martha came back for kittens and got them all! Victory! Morale of this story – always listen to your intuition!

★ We trasported this mom and her babies to our friends at Cat Castle NYC who kindly offered to foster them.

★ We sent 5 cat toys for Candy’s Cats fundraising event in Orlando.

★ We sent Capstar, Cat litter and Kitten milk powder ($60) for our friends at Cat Castle NYC. We also sent them 5 of our catnip toys.

★ We donated $30 to Ugolyok Sanctuary to help with buying food for the animals.

★ We sent 2 of our catnip toys to Coming Home Animal Sanctuary.

★ We donated $15 to Clementine’s fundraiser.

★ We dinated $15 to North Valley Animal Disaster Group as they were taking in a lot of injured animals after California fires.

★ Socializing little babies at For Animals cat shelter.

★ As always, we sent $300 to Ukraine.

For Furry Crew and animals that my mom feeds on the street:

Cat litter – 7kg x 11 bags = 77kg

Josera Dry Food – 10kg

4 Paws Dry Food – 48kg

Cat bed Lukoshko

Wet Food Felix – 60 pouches

Wet food Chudo bludo – 16 big jars

Cleaning supplies -16 kg

Fish – 35 kg

Cat carrier

Wet Food Cat and Go - 70 pouches

Wet Food Cat and Go - 20 big can

Wet Food Whiskas - 60 pouches

Sausage – 39

Wet Food Teo– 24 big cans

Wet Food Kitekat - 45 pouches

Grooming – Fergi, Manu, Tinky

For neighborhood cats:

Wet Food Meow – 9 pouches

Wet Food Cat and Go– 7 big cans

Wet Food Cat and Go -20 pouches

Grains – 6 kg

Sausage – 5

★ We picked up a bunch of garbage in Forest Park, Queens in NYC.

 That's all for 2018! See you in 2019!

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