What we've accomplished in 2019!

Animals we've helped first-hand:

★ Puddles. I saw this poor little kitty with a huge wound on PuppyKitty’s Instagram page, and I knew we had to help. We picked him up from the vet after his surgery and he was our foster for a few months. It was a long way to recovery, but Puddles took all the treatment heroically! I always felt a bond with him, and after a few months we decided that he should become a permanent member of our family ❤️ Puddles is still a bit scared; he’s hiding when we have quests, but he’s blossomed in a way I would have never imagined! Love you little guy!


★ Pigeon rescue. On a cold January night, I saw this little guy stuck in the corner. I went home, got a box, and took him in. I messaged Wild Bird Fund and they instructed me on how to handle him safely. Next morning, we took the baby to Wild Bird Fund so they can take care of him. It turned out that this pigeoun was poisoned and they couldn’t save him 😿


★ Mr Bean. He’s the kitten who showed up at a colony right by our house. It took me a few weeks to get him because he was not interested in food at all, instead, I trapped him with the help of our catnip toy! 😹 Such a funny little baby! PuppyKitty NYC took him to his neuter surgery and let him stay at their holding spay for a few days, and after that we’ve been fostering Mr. Bean for about 2 months. He's had no adoption inquiries! In the end, our neighbor who was in love with him from the very beginning decided to adopt him! So, we still live in the same building with Mr. Bean and I can visit him anytime!


★ Zippy. She is the toughest cat I’ve ever met! I’ve been trying to trap her for MONTHS, with all kinds of traps and all kinds of tricks! She’s an older girl and has a drooling problem, so we wanted to get her to the vet asap. One lucky day in December I met a girl who’s been feeding this colony as well, and we decided to try to catch Zippy together. And we did! We took her to the vet where they gave Zippy some antibiotics and took out a few teeth, and after that Zippy was picked up by her main caretaker. Now she lives indoors, safe and hopefully happy!


★ Cats and dogs at the private shelter in Queens, NY where I volunteer.

Food and supplies purchased to feed homeless animals and cat colonies in New York:

★ Wet cat food:

  • 70 small cans
  • 24 medium cans
  • 12 large cans

★ Dry Food - 31 kg (69lb)

★ Bird feeder

★ Bird seeds – 82 kg (180lb)

★ Peanuts for squirrels

★ 2 cat blankets for a cat colony

★ $30 to buy humane TNR trap

★ $50 to get supplies to make winter shelter


Food purchased to feed homeless animals and cat colonies in Ukraine:

★ Wet cat food:

  • 106 big cans
  • 519 pouches

★ Dry cat food – 53 kg (117lb)

★ Grains – 58 kg (128lb)

★ Cat sausage – 8kg (18lb)


Food and supplies for the Fluffy Crew (our 9 rescued cats and 1 dog living with my mom in Ukraine):

★ Dry food – 201 kg (443lb)

★ Cat/ Dog Sausage – 99 kg (218lb)

★ Wet cat food:

  • 399 pouches,
  • 35 big cans,
  • 82 small cans,
  • 7 big jars,
  • 11 small jars.

★ Fish – 113 kg (249lb)

★ Grains - 9 kg (20lb)

★ Cat litter – 210 kg (463lb)

★ Dog treats

★ Cat grass

★ Hair ball paste

★ Cat beds – 2

★ Dog toys – 7

★ Cat tunnel

★ Cat scratcher - 3

★ Cat Tree – 2

★ 6 replacements pads for turbo scratcher

★ Catnip - 3 jars (6oz total)

★ Cat/ Dog blankets 7

★ Dog collar

★ Dog bowls

★ Grooming: 1 doggo (Tinky) and 1 kitty (Manu)

★ Bird seed - 39 kg (86lb)

★ Oil diffuser for fresher air

★ $45 for fixing washing machine


Monetary Donations:

★ $20 for Mulberry from CatCastle

★ $30 for Henderson from Cat Castle, see his fundraiser 

★ $20 to Ugolyok Animal Sanctuary to help rescue foals from slaughter

★ $20 to Wild Bird Fund (donated in person, no receipt)

★ $20 to Coming Home Animal Sanctuary

★ $25 to Ugolyok Animal Sanctuary for doggies rescued from a municipal kill shelter. Full story here.

★ $330 to PuppyKitty NYC for tests of our foster baby Puddles

★ $24 to Coming Home Animal Sanctuary

★ $15 to animal shelter Ostrovok Nadejdy in Moscow, Russia

★ $15 to animal shelter Galkino podvor’e in Saint Petersburg, Russia

★ $20 to Ugolyok Animal Sanctuary

★ $10 to ThunderkittenNYC for Petunia’s surgery, her fundraiser is here.

★ $70 to PuppyKittyNYC: $45 for Mr.Bean’s neuter surgery and vaccinations and $25 for Vanessa

★ $25 to Cat Castle NYC for Patty

★ $55 to Puppy Kitty NYC fundraiser for Figaro (for a tote bag and t-shirt)

★ $10 to our fellow rescuer Ruth for Taylor the kitten

★ $15 for Angie (aka Sergio - they thought it's a boy at first) from Little Wanderers

★ $25 to NYCPetNanny to rescue two sick kitties

★ $10 to Cat Castle

★ $10 to buy raffle tickets to help Saving Seniors

★ $200 for Zippy’s vet visit (paid over the phone to Animal Clinic of Bay Ridge)

Total in donations: $989


Donations of supplies, toys and blankets:

★ Renal supplements and a toy for our sweet boy Jambo from Cat Castle


★ 3 toys to Ash and Tiger – two blind kittens rescued from Puerto Rico


★ Presents for Saving Seniors: 8 Want More Meows toys and 1 padded blanket, cat treats


★ Presents to Felix: Want More Meows blanket, various treats


★ 5 sets of hairties for a raffle to benefit Ten Lives Cat Rescue


★ 8 blankets and 5 toys from Want More Meows for the Fluffy Crew


★ 2 Want More Meows toys for Figgy


★ 4 Want More Meows for Mr. Bean when he got adopted


★ For PuppyKitty NYC: Worlds best cat litter 28lb, a dog toy, wee pads, Halo ear wash for dogs


★ 6 Want More Meows cat toys and 8 bags of Pure Bite cat treats for the kitties at the shelter where I help out


★ 5 kickers for PuppyKitty NYC raffle


★ 5 Want More Meows toys for Coco and 1 pillow for Joshy from Kitten Lady


Total donation of Want More Meows products:

Cat toys – 34

Cat blankets – 10

Hair Tie Sets– 5

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