Our Mission

Hi friend! I’m Vanille, the founder of Want More Meows. Thank you for being curious about who we are and what we do. We’re so happy you’re here!

Our Story

It all started when I was volunteering at a NYC cat shelter. I was spending a lot of time there (who can blame me!), and I probably saw dozens of toys while playing with my feline friends. I was always concerned about little plastic parts, or glue sticking out, or long strings that can be harmful for cats if swallowed - yuck! Thoughts of how it will end up on a landfill and pollute our Planet were making me sad.
I was thinking: “Can’t those cat toy companies do a better job? Make toys prettier, more eco-friendly and safe?”. One day I said to myself – “Stop complaining! Just do something!” And I did! I went home that day and started making cat toys. I gave them to kitties at the shelter and OMG they loved it! I was so happy that I started working on more designs and ideas, inspired by feedback from my shelter friends. Want More Meows was born - because kitties always wanted more toys, and I always wanted to hear more of those Happy Meows!


Our Mission

We believe in a kind and compassionate world. Your furbabies deserve the best – love, full bellies, chin rubs, new toys, soft blankets. Same as all cats and dogs in animal shelters. Here at Want More Meows, you can make them all happy. You can get a gift for your furkid and help an animal in need, all at the same time.

Why so simple? Because we want to build a Better Future for Animals and keep our Planet clean. We want to make cats happy while helping animals who need it the most.

How do we do that?

We create safe, eco-friendly and vegan products for kitty population, so they can enjoy their playtime and cuddles without being exposed to toxins, chemicals and hazardous parts – ugh! We love ALL animals, so we never use skin, fur, feather or any other animal parts – we believe that one can be happy without harming another being. 

We donate cat toys and blankets, as well as part of our profits, to animal rescues in USA, Ukraine, and occasionally in Nepal and Russia. We also take care of neighborhood cats here in NYC and in Mariupol, Ukraine – we get food, build winter shelters, help with TNR. To read quarterly reports about what we do, visit B.F.F.Animals: Activity Journal.

We take care of Planet Earth by choosing recyclable or biodegradable materials and supplies. You can see exactly what’s inside our products on each product’s page. When you receive a package from us, you can enjoy that peace of mind knowing that everything you get is either biodegradable or recyclable. Less waste – more fun, that’s our goal! 

The biggest goal we have is to build our own sanctuary for animals – a haven where every animal can be free, happy and protected. Right now we have 12 rescued kitties living with us, so it’s a start! Your purchase helps us take care of them and feed their fluffy bellies. 



Pawsome organizations we support:



Coming Home Animal Sanctuary


Ugolyok Shelter and Sanctuary

Cat Castle NYC



Vanille (aka Vani)

Founder and Mastermind of Want More Meows, tea enthusiast, vegan and animal advocate. She’s the one who makes things. She’s dreaming of a world where all animals are happy, and unicorns are real. Loves kayaking, SUP, rock music, tattoos and hugging trees. Talks to every animal and bird on a street.


Vex (aka Solstice)

Creative Designer, Inspiration, Number One. Vex can often be found spinning the planet on its axis shaking out the naysayers and nonbelievers. Creative inspirer and auditory warrior. Nothing beats a good pair of headphones and sharp teeth. 


Laffy Taffy (aka Fifi La Cuteness)

Cuddle Specialist and Head of Blanket Department. If things get too crazy, she can bring things back to a place of peaceful warmth. She spreads Hygge vibes around and enjoys long naps on a windowsill. Fifi charges your orders with delightful pawsitivity.


Jacqueline Starlight (aka Kiwi)

Social Media Specialist and Head of Cat Toy Department. She’s a rebel and never takes no for an answer. Her favorite things to do include testing cat toys, printing shipping labels, reading Instagram comments and Etsy reviews. Kiwi charges your orders with pawsomeness.


Sir Puddles The Great (aka Popcorn)

Logistic Specialist and Head of Kicker Department. Very clumsy and shy but unstoppable during mealtimes. He’s responsible for having all supplies in stock and for mailing orders in time. He’s very funny and always makes us laugh. He can talk to birds (really!). Puddles charges your orders with purrfection.

Our muses behind the scenes (aka animals who live with my mom) – Fergi, Murlyka, Sneja, Julietta, Nicole, Rosa, Bonifaccio, Pushinka, Marusya, Tinky.

Our muses from behind the rainbow – Nanakyu Skywalker, Minky Moon Queen, Senya, Jonnie Jedi Linden, Manu, and others whom we hold dear in our hearts ❤️